Beneficary Communications

Request for Distribution

Many of the trusts for which we serve as trustee allow a beneficiary to request distributions from time to time. To simplify the review and distribution process, we require that you complete the form below to tell us the amount of, and reason for, your request. We will review the trust document, the investment plan, and the distribution history, and get back in touch with you within three (3) business days with an initial response or perhaps a question or two.

If your request is to reimburse you for something for which you have already paid, please include a copy of all receipts showing the name of the company that provided the product or service, date of purchase and the amount of such purchase. That will save us some time in responding to you.

Request for Report

Colorado law, as well as the trust document, require us to provide an accounting of your trust activity on a regular basis. If you want a report on your trust activity for a particular period, please complete the form below and tell us the period for which you want an activity report. Please remember that you also have online access to view your investments anytime it is convenient for you.

Request for Tax Return

If your trust is required to file a tax return in a particular year, you will receive a copy of the federal return after it is filed with the IRS, as well as for any state for which a return is required. If you need an additional copy of a particular return for a given year, please complete the form below and we will send it to you.

Other Request

If you have a request other than for a Distribution, a Report or a Tax Return, please complete the form below. We will get back in touch with you within two business days to discuss your request.