Personal.  Trust.  Service.

Who We Are

Exit Strategies Institute, LLC is a Colorado based company that provides professional fiduciary, trustee, trust administration and personal representative services as well as 1031 qualified intermediary services. We are an independent fiduciary and are not connected to any specific wealth management firm or advisor.

Our services are performed by professionals experienced in executing their fiduciary responsibilities with the highest levels of competence and personal attention. As a fiduciary, our job is to carry out the wishes of the Grantor as defined in the trust agreement, the Last Will and Testament or other governing document.

Our knowledgeable team works with financial and investment advisors to thoughtfully prepare an investment plan that will meet the needs of each beneficiary in combination with the intent of the overall plan. We regularly meet with the team of advisors to encourage and enable each beneficiary to manage their wealth in the manner they choose.

Why Hire a Professional Fiduciary?

We are often asked why a Professional Trustee should be named versus an individual or family member. While each situation is unique, the following benefits of naming a Professional Trustee apply in nearly every circumstance;

  • Professional knowledge and expertise in the administrative complexities of trust management;
  • Employ professionals who have the time, expertise and resources to achieve better results than an individual trustee;
  • Provide accurate reporting with periodic statements and customized reports;
  • Held to a much higher standard than individual trustees;
  • Insured against losses that may occur;
  • Perpetual lifespan. Individual trustees must name successors in the event of death, incapacitation or incompetence; and
  • Objective and can reduce strain on a family.


Administration is the cornerstone of our business. We recognize your need to be served by local and experienced trust personnel who are attentive to your wishes. We are structured to respond to your special needs in a timely manner. Our relationships with our clients are more personal than would otherwise be expected and we are unwaveringly committed to superior client service.

Working With Your Financial Advisor

While we do not actively manage your assets or your money, we work in conjunction with several highly qualified investment professionals that do. If you already have a financial advisor, we will do our best to work with them in the management of trust assets so that your overall financial plan is properly coordinated.

We believe that portfolios should be diversified in asset classes and investment styles but we do not directly manage your investments. We work with investment professionals who are skilled in managing fully discretionary accounts investing primarily in mutual funds and individual securities.

We work with professional advisors who adhere to a disciplined, individual investment programs, based on product asset allocation methods and one where accounts are readjusted on a regular basis. Sometimes, we employ outside money managers with proven track records with whom we have established relationships to manage individual stock or bond portfolios. Together, with you and your advisors, we select the most appropriate asset allocation, and together we develop and execute the detailed investment plan.